Years of Service Annual Recognition - 2020

Human Resources facilitates the UO annual years of service* recognition program that recognizes and celebrates officers of administration and classified employees each time they reach a five year milestone work anniversary. The celebration includes a certificate to commemorate their service and a lapel pin that signifies the number of years they have worked at the university. The celebration typically includes an in-person years of service reception in January and luncheon with the president for those who have reached the 25 year mark or more. There is nothing typical about this year or last, so in-person gatherings, unfortunately, will not be a part of this year's celebration.

HR has done its best to identify honorees using employment dates in Banner. If employees have questions about why they are or are not included on the list of honorees, please direct questions to the program contact to resolve the issue.

Years of Service 2020 Honorees

Congratulations on your work anniversary!
You are a significant part of our team, and we couldn’t imagine the UO without you.

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25+ Years of Service

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Distinguished Ducks - Wall of Honor

These UO employees are a Duck above the rest having contributed 25 years of service or more to the university. We are honored they have remained among the flock. Thank you for staying with us over the years. Happy anniversary!

Learn More About Each Duck:

Each Distinguished Duck has been asked to share something memorable about their time at the university and asked a few questions to compare with what we know about the current traditional freshman. Answers to the following questions compared with the current UO freshman class offers perspective and appreciation on how we've evolved over time:

  • For this year's freshman, the Toyota Prius has always existed. What was the make, model, and year of the first car you ever owned?
  • Movies are a click away for UO students as they have always been able to stream films using the internet. What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater and in what city?

35 Years of Service

Sarah Craig
Academic Support Specialist
Graduate School

Tell Me More:

First Car: A maroon, 1978 Doge Colt

First Movie in Theater: Anything Walt Disney in Blackfoot, Idaho

Favorite UO location: Sitting on one of the benches behind Fenton Hall. During the summer it is shady, peaceful and a quiet place to read.

Memory: I have had many memorable experiences at the UO. One that immediately comes to mind is while employed in the International Services office -(that was the department name back then). Driving a van full of international students to visit Crater Lake. It was their first time there as well as mine. They had so many questions about Oregon and were very curious about what Crater Lake was like. I just loved their excitement! Many lifelong friendships were formed during that trip.

Kati Kronholm
Copyright Clearance Coordinator
Campus Services

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1979 Datsun 810

First Movie in Theater: Disney's The Aristocats in Portland, Oregon

Favorite UO location: The Knight Library

Memory: Calling a very famous judge at home to ask for copyright permission after being told by a professor that "judges are people too". This was back when we used phone books and didn't have email. ; )

Deanna Tarango
Business Operations Administrative Assistant
Finance & Administration Shared Services

Tell Me More:

First Car: Ford Pinto

First Movie in Theater: Shaggy the Dog in Eugene, Oregon.

Favorite UO location: Landscaped area between Allen Hall and the Lillis Business Complex

Memory: The second day I started at the Physical Plant. I was working in the reception area along with two other fellow employees and both of them were absent that second day. I think that was the fastest training I ever had.

Deanna Bowden
Coordinator Procurement Capital Assets
Physical Education and Recreation

Kathryn Caley
Classified Payroll Administrator
University Housing

Mike Kraiman
Campus Scheduling Technology Administrator
Erb Memorial Union

Lori Olsen
CAS, Psychology


30 Years of Service

Kyna Burgett
Assistant Director
Financial Aid

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1995 Ford Mustang

First Movie in Theater: Charlotte's Web in Newport, Oregon

Favorite UO location: I like to visit the original campus area by Villard Hall.

Memory: My most memorable experience was when a student's family came back to thank me after their student had graduated. It was so rewarding to know I was one of the many UO employees that help the student get their degree.

Rebecca Fisher
Electric Resources Technician & Serials Cataloger
UO Libraries

Tell Me More:

First Car: Honda Accord 1978

First Movie in Theater: Walt Disney's Snow White at the MacDonald Theater in downtown Eugene.

Favorite UO location: Knight Library were I work.

Memory: Having my desk hazed after the civil war football game when the Beavers lost by my co-workers, and reciprocating the when Beavers won, because I am actually a Beaver, Oregon State University grad class of 1985. The rivalry is fun, go Beavers!

Heath Hiam
Print Services Technician
Campus Services

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1963 Ford Econoline van

First Movie in Theater: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in Lodi, California

Favorite UO location: Now that we are off campus, it's a joy to get to wander any place there at all. Love it.

Memory: The excitement and rush to produce all of the materials for the Ducks initial return to the Rose Bowl in 1994. Also seeing the campus covered with snow for the first time from the vantage point of the big windows in our old place in Allen Hall.

Susan Binder
University Housing

Bertha Collman
Campus Planning and Facilities Management

Daniel Geiger
Assistant Director Retail Services
Erb Memorial Union

Claudia Seaholm
Campus Planning and Facilities Management

25 Years of Service

Stephanie Brooks
Athletic Trainer
Intercollegiate Athletics

Tell Me More:

First Car: Geo Metro

First Movie in Theater: Empire Strikes Back in Pt Hueneme, California

Favorite UO location: Sitting on the steps outside the Knight Library on a sunny day.

Memory: Everyday is an experience. But seriously most memorable was probably watching the football team beat Michigan at Autzen in 2003, and winning the Rose Bowl against Florida State to advance to the National Title game.

Toni Burnette
Bulk Mail Coordinator
Campus Services

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1972 Datsun B-210

First Movie in Theater: It was an old western at the drive-in that was located where Lowe's on W.11th is now located in Eugene.

Favorite UO location: The Museum of Art

Memory: The day I was hired.

Mary Dricken
Science Lab Preparator
CAS, Chemistry

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1965 Ford Mustang

First Movie in Theater: Planet of the Apes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Favorite UO location: It's a toss up between Espresso Roma's and Beall Hall.

Dana Gorman
Administrative Support
School of Music and Dance

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1971 VW camper van

First Movie in Theater: The Rescuers in Beloit, Wisconsin

Favorite UO location: The courtyard inside the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Memory: Assisting the Secret Service, as a Campus Public Safety Officer, for a visit from Corazon Aquino, the former president of the Philippines, who came to campus in June 1995. She delivered the commencement address and received the first honorary degree conferred by UO in 50 years.

Audrey Lee
Preservation/Binding Technician & Cataloger
UO Libraries

Tell Me More:

First Car: Honda Accord 1989

First Movie in Theater: E.T. in Gresham, Oregon

Favorite UO location: UO Rec Center

Andre Moran
Assistant Director for Purchasing, Contracts & Accounting
University Housing

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1980 Datsun 310 Hatchback

First Movie in Theater:  Star Wars (original movie) in Long Beach, CA.

Favorite UO location: Any open and green space. Being able to walk around campus to explore all of its beautiful scenery is like an added benefit of working here.

Memory: No single memory, but each new school year when the students arrive it brings a renewed energy and motivation that keeps me going. After 25 years, this still holds true!

Norm Myers
Housing Information Technology Manager
University Housing

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1974 Suburu Wagon

First Movie in Theater:  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Astoria, Oregon.

Favorite UO location: Walking on the Millrace path near the Urban Farm

Memory: The support I had from the Housing department when my wife was going through cancer treatment and I was balancing work and care giving.

Linda Peting
Senior Software Engineer
College of Education

Tell Me More:

First Movie in Theater: Star Wars (the original) at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene

Favorite UO location: The Duck Store

Memory: This pandemic!

John Sargeant
Director Food & Beverage Concession Service
Intercollegiate Athletics

Tell Me More:

First Car: Volkswagen Scirocco

First Movie in Theater:  Gus in The Dalles, Oregon.

Favorite UO location: Autzen Stadium

Memory: Going to the National Championship in Football and the Final Four in Basketball in the same Stadium.

Lal Singh
Campus Planning and Facilities Management

Tell Me More:

First Car: Ford Escort

Favorite UO location: UO Bookstore

Memory:Working along with a great crew.

Brian Stanley
Senior Assistant Director Transfer Residency

Tell Me More:

First Car: 1980 Ford Mustang

First Movie in Theater: The Jungle Book in Coos Bay, Oregon

Favorite UO location: UO Bookstore. I just have to get the latest swag.

Memory: I was working an Admissions recruitment event at the Alamo Bowl. I met a family for a breakfast meeting. The student had already applied. I was able to call him later in the day and tell him that he had been admitted. He and his family were very happy. The student has since graduated. The parents joined the Parent and Family Advisory Group and became donors to the UO.

Debra Bell
Office Specialist 2
Finance & Administration Shared Services

Paul Blancher
Finance & Administration Shared Services

Bruce Blonigen
College of Arts and Sciences

Carol Kleinheksel
Office Manager
CAS, Humanities

Robynn Medew
Administrative Program Assistant
Erb Memorial Union

Kurt Neugebauer
Associate Director Administration & Exhibitions
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Hal Sadofsky
Divisional Dean Natural Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences

Susan Schneider
Assistant Director
Campus Services

Kenneth Straw
Interim Mechanic & Plumbing Shop Manager
Campus Planning and Facilities Management

Marcia Stuart
Executive Assistant, Associate Dean Undergraduate Affairs
School of Journalism and Communications

Harry Wonham
Divisional Dean Humanities
College of Arts and Sciences

For Honorees: Let's celebrate YOU!

Service Certificate and Lapel Pin

It's a tradition for employees to mark each five years of service with a certificate signed by the president and add to, or start, their service pin collection. To request your certificate and pin, please contact sandeeb@uoregon.eduHuman Resources.

Prize Drawings

We regret that we are unable to gather in person this year to celebrate this milestone achievement. In lieu of an in-person celebration, HR is hosting a prize drawing for honorees. Check out the prize baskets below that are up for grabs.

  • Honorees who request their certificate and pin by end-of-day Friday, March 5, were entered into the prize drawing for their anniversary year (unless opted out).
  • Winners will be contacted by Human Resources to make arrangements for prize delivery.

5 Years Prize
Let's Go Ducks!!
UO mug with Euphoria chocolate bar and Starbucks gift card.

10 and 15 Years Prize
Get energized!!
UO tote bag filled with spirit gear and a Duck Store gift card (hat, sunglasses, socks, earrings, t-shirt, seat cushion).

20 and 25 Years Prize
Cheers to You!!
UO tote bag filled with lunch tote, UO drinkware, t-shirt, sparkling cider (Sundance gift card to select beverage of choice), and Duck Store gift card.

30 and 35 Years Prize
Capture the Memories!!
UO backpack filled with notebook and pen, Duckopoly board game, t-shirt, sparkling cider and bottle stopper (Sundance gift card to select beverage of choice), and Duck Store gift card.

Program Contact

Sandee Bybee, Engagement and Communications Manager
(541) 346-3000

*Human Resources determines years of service using the calendar date of December 31, 2020 and the employment dates in the university's Banner HRIS system. Honorees include employees who have reached an increment of five years of service (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.). Questions about years of service should be directed to the program contact provided below.